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News articles by Michigan Open Carry, Inc. that may be of interest to its membership, open carriers, or gun owners.  Ideas for news articles can be submitted to our news editor, Dan Griffin.

Rick Snyder on Gun Free Zones

I wish it weren't true, I really do, but here's the thing: the reason we still have gun free zones in this State is Gov. Rick Snyder.

Let's review the political landscape in Michigan.  Michigan's legislature is divided into two chambers: A senate and a house.

The Michigan Senate is made up of 38 members (26 Republicans and 12 Democrats - As of this writing).  The Michigan Senate has had this composition since January 1, 2011 and this composition will remain in place until the end of December this year (2014).

Ignorance And The Blissfully Demanding Moms

If you don’t know who Moms Demand Action is, I will give you a quick update.  MDA was founded after the Sandy Hook shooting, by a professional communications exec Shannon Watts and is now funded by the billionaire nanny-statist Michael Bloomberg.  The group is a national organization with chapters in many states, including Michigan.  This group is comprised of both men and women with stated good intentions of reducing “gun violence.”

MOC preparing to file suit against a K-12 School District

Read here for more information on our K-12 Lawsuit

Michigan Open Carry, Inc (MOC) is in the beginning phases of preparing a lawsuit against a K-12 school district.  Since we don't plan to be filing the lawsuit for approximately 2 more months, we will be keeping the details very sparse for now.  Please don't ask us for more information. We will not provide anything beyond what is below at this time.

What we can say:

Representatives from MOC Testify in favor of HB 5091 and HB 5092

Michigan Open Carry, Inc. is proud to partner with Representative Joel Johnson and Representative Brandon Dillon to promote HB 5091 and HB 5092. On Febuary 27, 2014 Phillip Hofmeister (President) and Tom Lambert (Assistant Legislative Director) testified in favor of these bills which would create a definition of Brandishing in Michigan statute that could be understood and observed by law abiding citizens as well as police.


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