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News articles by Michigan Open Carry, Inc. that may be of interest to its membership, open carriers, or gun owners.  Ideas for news articles can be submitted to our news editor, Dan Griffin.

We Report, You Decide (Using Faulty Facts That We Reported)

We Report, You Decide (Using Faulty Facts That We Reported)

By Dan Griffin

I have long had a bone to pick with some reporters and journalists.  It seems many nowadays are simply content to let any person, including public officials, say anything they want without challenging them or even investigating their claims to see if they are true.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the local newspaper or the local or national television news, it seems they all do it, although local news organizations seem particularly egregious.  One of the hardest topics to get right is anything to do with firearms.

Why Michigan is the most recognized carry license in the U.S.

Michigan CPL holders have the unique benefit of not permit matching (obtaining licenses from other state in order to add to the reciprocity/recognition list). A Michigan CPL is valid in every state that recognizes a carry license. The only places it isn't valid in is in states that do not recognize out of state licenses. There is no magic formula to gaining reciprocity for the most part. It helped that Jennifer Granholm and Mike Cox were two Attorney Generals who aggressively sought signed reciprocity agreements with states that required such agreements for recognition.

To simplify this, this is largely due to the following three reasons.

Criminally Disqualified for a CPL? Become a cop!

Are you criminally disqualified from obtaining a Concealed Pistol License? Have you considered becoming a Michigan police officer?

Brandishing Bills Vetoed

Michigan Open Carry, Inc's attempt to define what it means to "brandish" in Michigan has resulted in a veto from Governor Snyder, though the situation is complicated and not as bad as it sounds. Read on for the full story.

Jason Gillman joins MOC Treasury Team

Jason Gillman (our present IT Director) has agreed to step up and help with the book-keeping and accounting of our organization's finance.

MOC's NE Regional Coordinator Reg Carr Leaving, Interim NW Coordinator Andy Marek Appointed.

Yesterday we were informed that Reg Carr, our NE Regional Coordinator, will be resigning from his possition and moving to another state in the coming weeks. While we've known that this was likely to happen at some point, we are still saddened to see him go. Reg has done a wonderful job promoting Open Carry and MOC in northern Michigan to an extent we haven't seen in years.

MOC Board elects Johnny Roehrig as Secretary

MOC, Inc. Board of Directors held an internal election to replace Mike Perchard after his resignation as secretary.  While we considered 4 very viable candidates, Johnny Roehrig was selected by a majority.

MOC Secretary Resigns

Michigan Open Carry, Inc's secretary, Mike Perchard, has resigned.  Mike cites personal health reasons for his resignation.

It is with regret that I must inform you that I am resigning as Secretary of Michigan Open Carry. While I have done the best I could after assuming this role, I am sad to say that my own personal and health issues prevent me from continuing in this role


I hope that in time, with some resolution to my current situation, I may again be of use to MOC, even if it is only that as a local coordinator. I will, if the Board wishes, continue to do publish the bi-weekly updates as best I can.

Thank you for the privilege of serving such a very worthwhile and needed cause and organization.

Women (and Men): Who Is Responsible For Your Defense? Part 2

Last month I wrote about several cases where women were accosted and used a firearm to defend themselves against harm, even murder.  We have new video of what happens when people depend on others for their personal defense.  It doesn’t work.  Just a few days ago a woman was kidnapped on the streets of Philadelphia.  Fortunately the kidnapper wasn’t a MENSA member and committed some errors that enabled law enforcement to capture the criminal before he murdered his victim.

Huron Valley School Leaders Think Feelings Trump State Law On Guns

The Free Press yesterday had an article about Huron Valley schools and open carry.  In the article, Huron Valley Superintendent Baker is quoted as saying:

"I am grateful he went to the building administrator and told that principal what he planned on doing in advance," Baker said. "I've had multiple conversations with (the parent), he's talked with the building administrators, and he's been very forthright, in some regards very progressive, and I appreciate that. He didn't just show up unannounced. But that doesn't change the way I feel about the law."


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