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MOC Resources

Below you will find links to a variety of resources about Michigan Open Carry, Inc. and Open Carry in Michigan.

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Stay informed about events MOC is having in your area, legislation we are working on, and/or our bi-weekly updates.

Open Carry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions about open carry, check our FAQ before posting your question in one of our other resources.  There's a good chance the answer is already there!

Misc. information helpful to Open Carry
We have compiled several useful posts (in our Forum) for people who are new to open carry to learn what they need to know, whether or not you have a concealed pistol license (CPL).

MOC's Forums
Stay connected with other OC advocates and our leadership team in our Forums.  The best discussions happen here!

MOC's Facebook Page
Like/Follow us on Facebook and stay connected with updates from our leadership team. 

MOC on Twitter
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MOC's Facebook Group
Connect with other open carry/gun advocates on Facebook in a more interactive way in our Facebook group.  This Facebook group focuses on current events and education/Q&A.

MOC Store
Order MOC supplies that we currently have in stock.

Firearm Laws of Michigan
A document maintained by the Legislative Services Bureau detailing all firearm laws under Michigan law (not Federal law).