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News articles by Michigan Open Carry, Inc. that may be of interest to its membership, open carriers, or gun owners.  Ideas for news articles can be submitted to our news editor, Dan Griffin.

Women (and Men): Who Is Responsible For Your Defense? Part 2

Last month I wrote about several cases where women were accosted and used a firearm to defend themselves against harm, even murder.  We have new video of what happens when people depend on others for their personal defense.  It doesn’t work.  Just a few days ago a woman was kidnapped on the streets of Philadelphia.  Fortunately the kidnapper wasn’t a MENSA member and committed some errors that enabled law enforcement to capture the criminal before he murdered his victim.

Huron Valley School Leaders Think Feelings Trump State Law On Guns

The Free Press yesterday had an article about Huron Valley schools and open carry.  In the article, Huron Valley Superintendent Baker is quoted as saying:

"I am grateful he went to the building administrator and told that principal what he planned on doing in advance," Baker said. "I've had multiple conversations with (the parent), he's talked with the building administrators, and he's been very forthright, in some regards very progressive, and I appreciate that. He didn't just show up unannounced. But that doesn't change the way I feel about the law."

Updated: Man Faces Brandishing Charge for Allegedly Displaying Gun

Today we received the following email:

I am currently fighting a Livonia Ticket for alleging I "Brandished" my Glock 19 in a Meijers [sic] Store located in Livonia, MI.

My Firearm was concealed under a safari vest and holstered to my body. During a conversation with the Store Manager with my spouse over a problem he saw my firearm and someone called the police. We left the store without incident after paying for our groceries.

We were surrounded by 6 police cars, I was handcuffed and thrown into a police car with no indication as to why....I was give a ticket for brandishing.

TCAPS Adopts Compliant Weapons Policy, Allows Guns

Last night, Traverse City Area Public Schools adopted a new weapons policy and it's good news for CPL holders. The new policy appears to respect Michigan law and your rights, by allowing those "permitted by law" to carry at TCAPS facilities and events.

We Have Our Work Cut Out For Us

I shouldn’t be, but I still find myself slack-jawed every time I read something like the following:

Women (and Men): Who Is Responsible For Your Defense?

In the July 2014 issue of the MOC Newsletter I mentioned how an Oregon woman had to hold a home invader at gunpoint for nearly half an hour before police arrived after her 911 call.  A man broke through two doors at 9:00 AM to get inside of Lisa Atkin’s home.  Had she not been armed, who knows what would have happened?

The Rahinsky Renege Confirmed (Grand Rapids Police Chief)

The Rahinsky Renege has been confirmed.

Perhaps you recently read about the Grand Rapids Police Chief seemingly going back on his offer to meet with local representatives for Michigan's gun groups. Well, after a few days of your calling and emailing, the Chief has officially responded, through his secretary. One of our members recently received the following from her:

The Rahinsky Renege

Contact Chief Rahinsky today and tell him to live up to his word and meet with local representatives for Michigan's gun groups like he said he would!

About a month ago, the new Grand Rapids police chief, Chief Rahinsky, made a few ignorant comments about Open Carry. Immediately following the news, a citizen contacted the Chief to express his displeasure. To his credit, the Chief quickly contacted the citizen and a pleasant conversation ensued. The citizen reported to us that during the conversation, the Chief said his comments were out of context and made an offer to meet with members of the gun groups to find common ground.

Michigan Open Carry, Inc. held a lunch on Howell on Oct 12, 2014

We were honors to be greeted at the State Side Deli and Resturant in Howell where the owner personally greeted us and prepared our delicious food.  G.R. Dnius (front and kneeling in Photo), the event's organizer, commented as follows:

Candidate Rick Snyder (2010) vs. Gov. Rick Snyder (2012) On Guns

According to, in 2010 then gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder's campaign website contained the following in regards to whether or not he would support the 2nd Amendment and the rights of gun owners:

"In one word: absolutely. I actually own three guns myself. I have a 12 gauge shotgun and two .22 rifles that I use for target shooting. I believe the 2nd amendment also protects the right of citizens to have a gun in their home to protect their family and property. I also support the rights of gun owners to responsibly carry their gun, as long as they have attained the legal permit. While I'm not an avid hunter, I support the industry and believe it plays an important role in our economy and quality of life. It also can have a valuable environmental conservation impact and I would work to streamline the processes so that hunters get better customer service from the state and local governments. We have a long tradition in our state of supporting gun rights and the hunting industry in Michigan and I would continue to support that tradition as Governor."

Now there are two big problems with the highlighted portion. The first problem is that rights and permits are mutually exclusive. A right, by definition, is something that belongs fundamentally to everyone, as opposed to a permit which gives you the ability to do something you couldn't otherwise do. The second problem is that when Gov. Snyder was given the opportunity to backup his words he folded.


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