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Michigan Open Carry, Inc. Releases Guide to Open Carry in Schools.

Michigan Open Carry Inc.'s primary mission has always been education. As more people have learned about open carry and it's benefits more have started to carry openly.

Due to MOC’s recent victory in court against Clio Area Schools, which upheld and validated a clear working in Michigan law, more law-abiding parents and guardians have signaled they intend to lawfully exercise their rights. Further, despite the media attention this topic has garnered over the past few years, many schools are finding that their policies and procedure are ill suited to legally accommodate these people and are now scrambling as the new school year begins.

In an effort to help, Michigan Open Carry, Inc. has created a guide to help both those parents and permitted visitors who choose to open carry, and the school administrators who will encounter them. The guide contains many suggestions for both sides that, while not required by law, will go a long way towards creating safe, lawful, and respectful middle ground.

Press Contact Name: 
Rob Harris (Media Director) and the MOC Board of Directors
(586) 913-1MOC/(586) 913-1662

About MOC

MOC is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to advocate for the lawful open carry of a holstered handgun.  We seek to educate the public about their right to keep and bear arms in regards to the open carry of a handgun.