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MOC files suit against Clio Area Schools


As set forth in the precedent setting opinion of Capital Area District Library v. Michigan Open Carry, Inc, school districts are barred from making rules forbidding the lawful carry of a pistol. Yet, many districts throughout the state continue to do so with illegal policies. Michigan Open Carry, Inc (MOC) has partnered with Kenneth Herman to file suit against Clio Area School District (CASD) today in Genesee County's 7th Circuit Court.  Mr. Herman is a dues paying member of MOC.

Starting in 2013, Mr. Herman has, and continues to be, aggrieved by CASD.  His constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense has been challanged as a result of threats of arrest and criminal prosecution should he not comply with CASD’s unlawful policy related to firearms.  As a result Mr. Herman has been unable to defend himself while attending to business or other functions at his daughter’s school.

This lawsuit comes on the heels of Michigan Open Carry, Inc working cooperatively with several other school districts to modify their firearm policies to bring them into compliance with State Law.

“We look forward to this opportunity to help expand and protect the rights of every person in Michigan who carries a firearm to protect themselves and others,” said Phillip Hofmeister, president of Michigan Open Carry, Inc.


MOC's Complaint in the State's 7th Circuit

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MOC is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to advocate for the lawful open carry of a holstered handgun.  We seek to educate the public about their right to keep and bear arms in regards to the open carry of a handgun.