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MOC works with TCAPS to bring them into compliance with state firearm law

Oct. 21, 2014

For immediate release:

Last night, Traverse City Area Public Schools adopted a new weapons policy and it's good news for CPL holders. The new policy appears to respect Michigan law and your rights, by allowing those "permitted by law" to carry at TCAPS facilities and events.

Earlier this year TCAPS learned that Open Carry on school property with a CPL is legal in Michigan.  Since then, TCAPS has talked with local law-enforcement, reviewed state law, and determined that their weapons policy was not in compliance.

At last month's TCAPS board meeting new policy language was submitted for review to the board.  MOC's legislative team looked over the new language and was very pleased to see that the school district appeared to be making a good faith effort to comply with state law. Though the language wasn’t perfect, it was good enough for the team to send TCAPS a letter of support containing a few suggestions.

Today we are pleased to report that not only did TCAPS accept the new compliant language (starts on pg. 54) last night, they also adopted almost all of MOC’s suggestions.

"We are pleased to see a major school district in this state come into compliance with state law in regards to local units of government regulating firearms", said Phillip Hofmeister, President of Michigan Open Carry, Inc.  He went on to say, "As this trend grows, more and more of these districts' worst fears are shown to be baseless and/or absurd.  We hope other school districts will follow TCAPS' example.  We are aware of a few other school districts which are in violation of state firearm preemption law and we have our lawyer preparing to file a lawsuit against one of them in the very near future."

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