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News articles by Michigan Open Carry, Inc. that may be of interest to its membership, open carriers, or gun owners.  Ideas for news articles can be submitted to our news editor, Dan Griffin.

Additional scrutiny merely because someone is open carrying? All aboard the failboat!

"No one knows the mindset or the frame of mind an individual is in when they show up at a building openly carrying a weapon," stated Jim Baker, Superintendant of Huron Valley Schools in a Detroit Free Press article published on the 29th of October, 2014. This type of statement is commonly thrown around when people try to argue for prohibiting the practice of openly carrying pistols in schools. "They immediately go into a lockdown, call local law enforcement and let the police come and helps to better understand what the mindset is." Id.

MOC Obtains MCOLES Active Duty Firearms Standard

MCOLES (The Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards) posted their firearm standards on the internet.  The only problem is you need a password to view the encrypted PDF.  According to the page, their agent, Danny Rosa, will only provide you the encryption password if you can provide your MCOLES number to demonstrate you are an active law enforcement officer.

No worries, through the magical powers of FOIA, MOC is here to help...

More Than Ambassadors

More Than Ambassadors
by Dan Griffin

It has often been said that, as open carriers, we are ambassadors of the firearms community.  I believe this to be true, and as such we should present ourselves in the best possible light.  But it seems lately we have become more than ambassadors: we have become targets.

The Pulse of Liberty’s Health

The Pulse of Liberty’s Health
by John McIntosh

On Wednesday, March 11, I sat through the Ann Arbor School Board meeting because they were scheduled to discuss the issue of guns in the schools.  What I heard coming from the school board, as well as from the attendees, was very telling.  While every baseless, emotional, over-reactive argument I expected was there, that was not what was surprising to me. 

MOC files lawsuit against Clio Area Schools, Seeks to protect law abiding gun owners

As set forth in the precedent setting opinion of Capital Area District Library v. Michigan Open Carry, Inc, school Districts are barred from making rules forbidding the lawful carry of a pistol. Yet, many districts throughout the state continue to do so with illegal policies and bullying. Michigan Open Carry, Inc (MOC) has partnered with Kenneth Herman to file suit against Clio Area Schools (CAS).  Mr. Herman is a dues paying member of MOC.

Starting in 2013, Mr. Herman has, and continues to be, aggrieved by CAS.  His constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense has been chilled as a result of threats of arrest and criminal prosecution should he not comply with CAS’s unlawful policy related to firearms.  As a result of these unlawful actions on the part of CAS, he has been unable to defend himself while attending to business or other functions at his daughter’s school.

Did Rick Jones Lie to People on Facebook?

Senator Rick Jones posted in the “Grand Ledge Community” group on Facebook regarding a legislative news release we made about SB 53.  He stated in the post that it was announced that a vote on SB 53 would be held in the Judiciary Committee Hearing on February 10th.  Funny thing is, we can’t find a single document or recording that backs up his statement that a notice was given.

Why MOC opposes PFZ Exemptions for Special Classes

Recently, someone posted the following to our Facebook Page:

You really let me down with the email that was sent to me. I am a state corrections sergeant, and we have been trying for a while for this exemption. But I also agree that their should be no PFZ's, but I also think that LE and Corrections should hold a little more weight than your average citizen. I am sure that we have more training in use of force than most citizens. Also I would like to add that even with the exemption, it would not stop me in helping in your cause to abolish PFZ's.

Here is my response:

Brandishing Bills Reintroduced

Pro-Gun Brandishing Definition Bills, which were vetoed last month for technical reasons have been reintroduced in the new legislature as HB 4160 and HB 4161.

Open Letter On SB 53 To Senate Judiciary Committee

Dear Honorable Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee,

I am writing to you today to ask that you NOT recommend SB 53. SB 53 will create yet another special group of people that will have more rights than everyone else.

Michigan is an open carry state... but only if you are white.

Content warning: Parts of this article contain words that may offend some readers.  Please continue reading, with that understanding.

Michigan is routinely classified as an open carry state; however, it's  discretionary if you are not white. If you are not white and the police officer (Detroit Police Officer James Taylor in this case) decides that non whites shouldn't have guns, then you get arrested for concealed carry and the prosecutor and judge can play along and even bar the attorney's from mentioning that open carry is legal during the trial.

No, this case was not argued in the Central Court of North Korea in Pyongyang, this case was argued in Detroit, Michigan. Although it is hard to tell the difference after hearing about this case.

Fortunately,  two attorney's came to the victim's defense. Here is the synopsis from one of the attorneys.


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