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MOC Thanks Representatives Johnson, Hughes, and Dillon (Open Letter)

To: Hon. Joel Johnson, Hon. Holly Hughes, and Hon. Brandon Dillon
Date: May. 26, 2014
Subject: HB 4160 & HB 4161

Your Honors:

On behalf of the Michigan Open Carry, Inc. Legislative Team, our Board of Directors, and our membership I would like to extend this thank you to Rep. Johnson and Rep. Hughes for helping to enhance firearm rights in Michigan through your work and sponsorship of HB 4160 and HB 4161.  For the first time in recent years, these acts, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, help recognize open carry as a lawful activity in Michigan.  

The suggestion that Open Carry is Brandishing has been brought up in multiple lawsuits such as one filed against us by Capital Area District Library (CADL v MOC), in which we ultimately prevailed, and another that we have filed against Clio Area Schools (MOC v CAS), which is still ongoing. Despite an Attorney General Opinion and victories in court the notion has ominously continued in some prosecutorial and law enforcement circles. Your legislation has not only helped clarify what “Brandishing” means but it has enhanced the rights of every person in Michigan who chooses to lawfully openly carry (and conceal carry) a firearm for self-defense

The passage and signing of these bills into law also marks MOC’s first legislative victory.  While we have helped several other pieces of legislation, these acts are the first we have worked on from inception through to completion.

These bills were also brought up last session (2013-2014) as HB 5091 and HB 5092.  While (for technical error reasons) these bills did not become law, we would also like to thank Rep Brandon Dillon for his efforts on these bills, which helped lay the foundation for HB 4160 & HB 4161.

With Warm Regards and a Grateful Heart,


Phillip Hofmeister
Michigan Open Carry, Inc.



Thank you to everyone who helped to make this victory for gun owner's rights possible.

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