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Repeal of "Criminal Empowerment" Zones AKA Pistol Free Zones (PFZs)

MOC believes PFZs are place where criminals carry guns because they do not care about the laws, but law abiding people are prevented from carrying in these places.  Michigan Open Carry, Inc. has worked on several bills to eliminate these PFZs.  All have been met with resistance.

SB 58 (Sponsor: Mike Green - Republican from Mayville) of 2011 was never heard nor voted on in committee.  This means it died very early in the legislative process, a move called pidgeonholing.  SB 58 would have repealed all PFZs listed in MCL 28.425o for licensed concealed carry.

SB 59 (Sponsor: Mike Green - Republican from Mayville) of 2011 was modified from its originally introduced version and passed by both chambers of the Michigan Legislature.  SB 59, as passed by both chambers would have enabled law abiding citizens to carry in all of Michigan's Pistol Free Zones.  SB 59 was ultimately veto'd by Governor Rick Snyder, who we believe is the primary obstacle to PFZ repeal in Michigan.

SB 213 (Sponsor: Mike Green - Republican from Mayville) of 2013 was introduced and dubbed the "Son of SB 59" by its Sponsor, Senator Mike Green.  SB 213 has seen no movement since it was introduced.  We have reason to believe Governor Snyder is the obstacle in preventing its movement.

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