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Michigan Open Carry Membership

Michigan Open Carry, Inc. is a 100% volunteer not-for-profit organization. We depend on our members and generous donors to support our work so we may further our mission.


*** New Way to Pay! ***

You'll notice that you have two payment methods available: Credit Card and ACH/EFT.

Credit Card is self explanatory, but you might be wondering what ACH/EFT is.

Basically think of it as a transfer directly from your bank account to ours. If you've made a car or mortgage payment online, you've made an ACH/EFT payment.

While the funds transfer will usually take a day or two when using ACH/EFT, using this method will make your greatly appreciated donation go further, as there is only a small, flat rate fee. In comparison, credit card processing has not only a flat rate fee, but then a certain percentage of the total amount.

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Your membership will help us with our mission of promoting the open carry of a holstered handgun in Michigan.


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