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Michigan Open Carry General Donation

While our heaviest expenditures are usually legal related, we still need general operating funds for other things, such as:

  • Informational literature
  • Events
  • General Business Expenses (PO Box, filing fees, etc.)

Further, donations made to our legal fund are strictly earmarked for benificial litigation, whereas general donations are able to be used for any organizational need.

If you would like your donation to be the most versatile, you're in the right place. We greatly appreciate your donation!


*** New Way to Pay! ***

You'll notice that you have two payment methods available: Credit Card and ACH/EFT.

Credit Card is self explanatory, but you might be wondering what ACH/EFT is.

Basically think of it as a transfer directly from your bank account to ours. If you've made a car or mortgage payment online, you've made an ACH/EFT payment.

While the funds transfer will usually take a day or two when using ACH/EFT, using this method will make your greatly appreciated donation go further, as there is only a small, flat rate fee. In comparison, credit card processing has not only a flat rate fee, but then a certain percentage of the total amount.

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