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Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

Okay, let's see if this works.

Front of car, along with two pics of the frunk (front trunk).

A couple of pics of the engine...

Re: State Rep Hammoud Wants to Ban 3D Printed Firearms

Hammoud (D-Dearborn) is the same idiot who two years ago introduced legislation that would outright ban guns in a large list of far reaching places, including any establishment licensed to sell liquor. This means most grocery stores, gas stations, and ...

Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

Since the early 70s, I believe all claimed HP is SAE net at the crank with full exhaust and all accessories. (previous SAE gross could have open exhaust and no belt driven stuff).

Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

Also, ref our previous messages, I mistakenly thought GM was claiming 495 RWHP, but they are saying it's at the crank I guess.  So that makes the difference even more because the dyno testing shows 561 RWHP so they figure 660 at the crank.  But that is...

Re: DXL is smarter than Christopher Columbus

DXL replied to me and said they were sorry I was offended, they were just trying to promote a sale.  Here's my reply.


No, you don’t get it.  Can you even comprehend what estimations took back then?  Measuring the height of your mast against the h...