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Re: DXL is smarter than Christopher Columbus

DXL replied to me and said they were sorry I was offended, they were just trying to promote a sale.  Here's my reply.


No, you don’t get it.  Can you even comprehend what estimations took back then?  Measuring the height of your mast against the h...

Re: DXL is smarter than Christopher Columbus

This is from trying to measure how far away a ship's mast becomes visible, and calculating the radius of the surface that's blocking your view?

Was it his math or his data that was off by a fourth?

DXL is smarter than Christopher Columbus

I like DXL and shop there sometimes.  Here is a tl;dr version of what happened a few minutes ago:

DXL: "Columbus Was Not Great at Math. We Are."

gryphon: Are you kidding me?  Do you actually think you are smarter than Columbus because you can do simple...

Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

I'm not seeing the photos from either post.   Just get the little question mark symbol.


Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

Okay, I'm going to try an replicate this post with a different photo source.  We'll see how it goes.

In July Chevrolet unveiled the new mid-engine C8 Corvette. Production begins in December, and if you don't already have an order in, you'd be lucky to ...

Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

Absolutely.  Cars are understated for insurance purposes. That's why the HP rating measurement was changed years ago.  Prop v. crank.

Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

I thought advertised power was around 475-495 at the crankshaft depending on the exhaust options.
The deleted arfcom thread was talking 560 through the tires, or presumably 650+ at the crank.
Sometimes performance cars are understated, but I never hear...

Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

GM is claiming that preliminary C8 dyno testing is 490 HP, so the other report is a little over 10% higher.  Probably not 100% accurate for a stock C8.

Re: The Great C8 Roadshow

Looks like it got deleted.
Somebody claimed a car magazine sent a C8 to him for dyno testing and it put out something like 560hp/545torque, at pretty much the same RPM, as if the power fell off a cliff shortly after 5400rpm. The numbers didn't seem to ...