About Michigan Open Carry, Inc.

     MOC is the premier organization in Michigan promoting the lawful open carry of a holstered handgun.  We also seek to enhance other gun rights related to carry for self-defense.  We were formed in March of 2009. MOC was started by a group of people on the Michigan Forum of opencarry.org (OCDO). OCDO was started by John Pierce and Mike Stollenwerk in 2004. These men are responsible for revitalizing the growing practice of the open carry of a handgun. Michigan is one of the fastest growing states in regards to the practice of open carrying a handgun.  The open carry movement is growing in the U.S., much like the Concealed carry movement has in the last 10 years.

The objectives of Michigan Open Carry are:

  • To educate and desensitize the public and members of the law enforcement community about the legality of the open carry of a handgun in public.
  • To exercise a natural right to self defense using the most efficient and common tool, a handgun.
  • To demonstrate to the public at large that gun owners are one of the most lawful segments of society and they have nothing to fear from the lawful carry of a firearm. 
  • To protect our right to self-defense.

Methods to accomplish objectives are:

  • To distribute information via email, mail, telephone and in person to local law enforcement agencies.
  • To have periodic and informal gatherings in public places throughout the state while open carrying our handguns.
  • To contact the media, conduct interviews, relate pertinent information on the internet, write articles and letters to the editors all on the legality of open carry.
  • To participate in larger public events, festivals, car shows, etc., and staff an information booth about open carry.
  • To stay informed of and act against infringing legislation.
  • To always be ambassadors of good will in regards to the safe and lawful carry of a firearm.


Who are we?

Michigan Open Carry, Inc. is composed of a six member Board of Directors/Governors (elected by our dues paying members) and generous volunteers.  Our Board of Directors includes people from all walks of life, including the following vocations:

  • Information Technology
  • Property Management
  • Public School Teaching
  • Law Enforcement
  • Airline PIlot
  • Small Retail Business Owner

Every person on the leadership team (including the CEO/President) and Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers.