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Judge Denies Clio Motion, Directs MOC Attorney to Write Order

MOC's Court Case against Clio Area Schools had a day in court.  Today was the hearing for Clio's motion for summary judgment, that is Clio asking for the Judge to side with them and end the case.  The judge denied Clio's motion and handed the case to MOC.

After hearing the case from both sides, the judge denied Clio's motion for summary judgment.  What's more, he directed MOC's attorney to submit an order disposing of the case.  The order will grant MOC's request for declaratory judgment -- Clio's public school will no longer be able to ban guns.  While deciding the case the judge basically read from the brief MOC had prepared, reports President Tom Lambert.

We expect that Clio Area Schools will appeal the decision to the Michigan Court of Appeals -- as they indicated they would earlier in the case.  Assuming the Court of Appeals upholds today's decision, it will set binding precedent on the issue state wide.

We are excited at the news, but know the case is probably not yet over.

As we go to the Court of Appeals there will be a need for more funding in the case.  Taking the case to the next level will require more than we have expended so far.  Won't you consider making a generous donation to the MOC Legal Fund today so that we can continue fighting this case should Clio appeal?


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