MOC files lawsuit against Clio Area Schools, Seeks to protect law abiding gun owners

As set forth in the precedent setting opinion of Capital Area District Library v. Michigan Open Carry, Inc, school Districts are barred from making rules forbidding the lawful carry of a pistol. Yet, many districts throughout the state continue to do so with illegal policies and bullying. Michigan Open Carry, Inc (MOC) has partnered with Kenneth Herman to file suit against Clio Area Schools (CAS).  Mr. Herman is a dues paying member of MOC.

Starting in 2013, Mr. Herman has, and continues to be, aggrieved by CAS.  His constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense has been chilled as a result of threats of arrest and criminal prosecution should he not comply with CAS’s unlawful policy related to firearms.  As a result of these unlawful actions on the part of CAS, he has been unable to defend himself while attending to business or other functions at his daughter’s school.

About Michigan Open Carry, Inc.

     MOC is the premier organization in Michigan promoting the lawful open carry of a holstered handgun.  We also seek to enhance other gun rights related to carry for self-defense.  We were formed in March of 2009. MOC was started by a group of people on the Michigan Forum of (OCDO). OCDO was started by John Pierce and Mike Stollenwerk in 2004. These men are responsible for revitalizing the growing practice of the open carry of a handgun. Michigan is one of the fastest growing states in regards to the practice of open carrying a handgun.  The open carry movement is growing in the U.S., much like the Concealed carry movement has in the last 10 years.

The objectives of Michigan Open Carry are:

  • To educate and desensitize the public and members of the law enforcement community about the legality of the open carry of a handgun in public.
  • To exercise a natural right to self defense using the most efficient and common tool, a handgun.
  • To demonstrate to the public at large that gun owners are one of the most lawful segments of society and they have nothing to fear from the lawful carry of a firearm. 
  • To protect our right to self-defense.

Methods to accomplish objectives are:

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